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Home loan review

Before you begin, we recommend you take some time to gather information about your home loans. We will ask for screenshots or documents that show the following: current limit of home loan, current balance, redraw amount, any offsets that are linked, current interest rates.

If there is any information missing, it will limit our ability to carry out a quick and efficient home loan review.

If you have any issues you can contact us directly by email at mikal@mikalhowardfinance.com.au or by mobile 0419 820 366.

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How would you like us to review your current home loan/s? We can just review your rates if you aren't interested in changing lenders / Or we can review your current lender and compare other lenders that might be suitable

Just review my current rates with my lender
Review and compare other lenders

Do you have any debt outside of your home loan? Please give a brief summary (credit cards, afterpay, go cards, personal loans, car loans):

When was the last time you reviewed your general insurances? In partnership with Allianz, we can provide you a tailored quote of any building, contents, landlord and vehicle insurances.

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Do you have any future plans you want your broker to be aware of such as new vehicle or investment property purchase, potential sale of any properties, retirement etc? If yes, please detail below and provide approximate dates:

Please upload your screenshots/statements for your loan/s showing your name, the interest rate, account details and any offsets

    Do you have any other questions regarding repayments, redraw, offset or anything else we can answer in our review: